September/October School Holidays Schedule

We are creating a new experience at The Brick Zone. Not only do we have a massive display of LEGO across the last 50 years, we are now displaying very rare vintage Hanse ‘LEGO’ wooden toys, dating back to the 1940s.

In addition we also have on display very rare unopened sets with original box art from the 1970s and 80s. Or browse through LEGO catalogues of LEGO releases over the last 50 years.

Book your time slot now at:

Join us these school holidays September/October:

Monday 20th 10am-3pm

Tuesday 21sh 10am-3pm

Wednesday 22nd 10am-3pm

Thursday 23rd 10am-3pm

Friday 24th – CLOSED

Saturday 25th 10am-3pm

Sunday 26th 10am-3pm

Monday 27th 10am-3pm

Tuesday 28th 10am-3pm

Wednesday 29th 10am-3pm

Thursday 30th 10am-3pm

Friday 1st 10am-3pm

Saturday 2nd – CLOSED

Sunday 3rd 10am-3pm


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