Tie Echelon MOC

Hey! It’s Dan from the Brick Zone. I decided to build the Tie Echelon, which so far has not had an appearance in the Star Wars movies, but instead is a set piece at Galaxy’s Edge (the new Star Wars themed section added to Disneyland). I recently also began building a Star Wars Diorama featuring a battle between the resistance and the first order, in which this ship will be featured. I thought that Building a ship for the first order would be a good idea, and I think it will look cool with Kylo Ren walking out of it, followed by some Stormtroopers. The main body is complete but I’m going to put more plating on the side of the ship to give it more detailing. The top halves of the wings also have to be built and angled correctly. The back of the ship could also use some work, by just adding more plating and detail to it. I am really pleased with how the curvature worked out on the front and where the access door is.

Please be sure to check out my instagram where I post most of my pictures.

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